Highly ranked Spartan athlete to lead new program

| 22 Jun 2017 | 02:30

— One of the original professional Spartan athletes, Kevin Donoghue, was recently hired as head coach for the Orange County Sports Club's new Spartan training program.
Donoghue is one of the most recognized and ranked Spartan athletes worldwide. In his career he has become a Team USA Athlete, Team Captain for NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge for seasons one and two, and has 60-plus top ten finishes and much more.
Orange County Sports Club President Eric Muhlrad knew Kevin Donoghue would be the perfect choice for their program.
“OCSC is very passionate about providing programming for our members that helps them to achieve their goals and live healthier, more fulfilling lives," said Muhlrad. "When we met Kevin Donoghue, it all clicked. His passion for SGX training as a method for building better humans matched our passion for our members. The partnership seemed like a win-win.”
The program aims to establish comprehensive physical fitness by focusing on body weight resistance and functional movement. The mission is to build better humans — emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Once the preview classes are finished, students wishing to participate in OCSC’s Spartan SGX will enroll on a month-to-month basis, taking group training classes that run Monday through Friday in the evening.
“Spartan race changed my life and I'm so excited to pass it on to others," Donoghue said.
Orange County Sports Club is located at 1743 Route 17A in Florida, N.Y. For more information visit orangecountysportsclub.com/ocsc-extreme or call 651-1000.