CYO athletes win Director’s Award

Warwick. This year’s winners were eighth-graders Lucas Miller and Delaney Corbalis.

| 10 Jun 2024 | 01:39

On Sunday, May 19, during the St. Stephen’s mass, local eighth-graders Lucas Miller and Delaney Corbalis received “The Director’s Award” for their participation in the St. Stephen’s CYO basketball program. According to the organizers, this award was given to a male and female athlete that exhibited athleticism, leadership, sportsmanship and Christian values throughout their years in the program.

These athletes will pass their award onto the next year’s recipient. The award was presented by Marijane Lamattina, director of the St. Stephen’s CYO Program, and Father Jamie.

“Lucas and Delaney both had a terrific basketball season this past year,” said Lamattina. “Lucas’ team made it to the semi-finals of the Orange County CYO league and Delaney’s team won the Orange County Championship.”