SignPost Apps develops new smartphone application for Village of Warwick that includes lists of businesses, events

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:17

Warwick — On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Mayor Michael Newhard, Town of Warwick Deputy Supervisor James Gerstner, Garrett Durland, president of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber’s Executive Director Michael Johndrow joined Steve Johnston, regional director of SignPost Apps for a ribbon cutting ceremony. Although SignPost Apps is based in Beacon, the firm has joined the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce and is currently developing a new smartphone app for the Village of Warwick. Smartphones are mobile phones, which also serve as media players, cameras, web browsers and what-have-you. Utilizing high-resolution touch screens and advanced computing ability they can best be described as a combination of handheld computer and mobile phone. The term app is shorthand for application. The app for Warwick, featuring audio guided tours, a listing of businesses, events and an illustrated map will allow users, such as weekend visitors, to learn much about the village before they arrive. Business owners will be able to have their stores listed on the app as well as the map for an annual fee of $249. Chamber members are entitled to a $50 discount. “About 90 per cent of people ages 15 to 45 have smartphones,” said SignPost Apps CEO Marko Guzijan. “But the advantage for local businesses is our program is especially convenient for the young professionals, ages 25 to 40, who live in Manhattan and are looking for places to visit on weekends. With this information about restaurants, gift and antique shops, B&Bs and so forth in advance, they are likely to spend more money and to return for upcoming events, try another restaurant, or visit interesting sites.” Guzijan said that the application menu could also highlight special groupings or tours such as apple picking farms, pubs, bridal shops and services and so forth. The possibilities are almost endless. Find our more For more information about SignPost Apps and the app they will be developing for Warwick, visit: or e-mail