Shoveling for tsunami relief

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:46

    WARWICK-It was a day to sleigh ride, toss snow balls back and forth, or build snowmen. A day when you become good friends with your snow blower and shovel. A kind of day when video and grocery stores lines are as long as the eye can see. However, last Saturday during the blizzard, a regular play date turned into charitable task for two Sandfordville Elementary School second graders. Derek Dibona, 7 and John Harrington, 8 of Warwick, decide to shovel driveways and walkways to earn a little extra pocket money. Derek's mother Bobby Jo, started them off with a dollar each. Then it was on to the neighbors of Points of View, including John's grandmother's house across the street. Four hours later they decide it's time for a break and start walking home. Something struck a chord with the boys while counting their earnings. Instead of splurging on video games, candy or toys, Derek and John said they decided to donate their wages to the victims of the tsunami that struck southeast Asia on Christmas Day. The two boys said they had heard about the disaster from their teachers at school, their parents, and the news and wished to contribute. "We wanted to do something to help," explains Derek. "So I went on my computer and my mom helped me find out where to send it." The boys threw in their own allowance to make a total of $20 to donate to the Red Cross. Derek also plans to donate another $20 of his savings to the relief effort as well. Plus, they've got a whole winter season in front of them.