Rob Schuller: Firefighter, Realtor and now Warwickian

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    WARWICK-"I love it here," said Rob Schuller, who moved to Warwick 18 months ago from Ocean County, N.J. "I feel like I've won the lottery." You could say the same about having Rob Schuller here in Warwick. Schuller is one of those people who make Warwick such a special place to live. Just ask his co-workers at Prudential Rand Real Estate. "Rob is such a giving person," said Bridget Wallace, a Realtor with Prudential Rand Realty. "He does so much for so many people." And it is not just in his job as Realtor. Nor in his job as owner of All American Lawn Care. Schuller also is a firefighter in the Bronx. A few weeks ago, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the FDNY asked for volunteers to head down to New Orleans to help out the firefighters in that southern city deal with the devastation. Schuller didn't hesitate. He headed down to New Orleans, along with 24 other firefighters, on Sept. 8, the second wave of FDNY in the Big Easy. Thirty-six hours later, he couldn't believe his eyes. "It was like Armageddon," said Schuller. "You could see the water line on the houses, stray dogs were running around. The dust and the silt that was left behind was unbelievable. And the smell was awful." He and his FDNY colleagues brought much needed supplies to the firefighters in St. Bernard's Parish, which was one of the hardest hit areas of the city. They spent nine days there, replenishing boots, rubber gloves, a generator — all on a fire engine named the Spirit of Louisiana, a gift to the FDNY after 9/11. After the water started to recede, Schuller said there were lots of fires to fight. Many were started because of gas leaks. Some were the result of arson. Others started when the electric came back on. When they weren't fighting fires, Schuller said the men from FDNY cut down trees and helped tarp the roofs of their fellow firefighters from the south. The experience was grueling, no doubt, but one he would do again any time. "Everyone came to help us after 9/11," said Schuller. "It was the right thing to do. We didn't really want to go home — they had to tell people to go home." Schuller got to meet and shake hands with President George W. Bush while he was in New Orleans. "President Bush came in and shook hands with many of us," said Schuller. "He told us what a great organization the FDNY is. What a great feeling that was." His wife, Linda, and their four children, ranging in age from 2 to 14, understand. "They know this is what I do," he said. The Schullers are about to start another venture together — Linda will be joining Rob in his real estate career at Prudential. "Linda just got her license," said Schuller. "We will be working as a team now." Schuller is very happy at the Prudential Rand office in the historic Railroad Avenue building. "I love working with Prudential Rand," he said. "It is a great company. Their focus on training is just great. It gives us and our customers the edge when it comes to buying and selling homes."c Through the Ages."