Quaker Creek gets money from county

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    GOSHEN-The Orange County Legislature designated $100,000 earlier this month for the repair and removal of obstructions in the Quaker Creek caused by the storm of April 3. Legislator Michael Pillmeier sponsored the legislation and worked with Kevin Sumner, conservation district manager of the Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District, in preparing a debris/channel obstruction assessment. Sumner identified 38 sites of obstructions in the creek, which could potentially threaten public infrastructure and local farms. “Unfortunately given the limited resources on the federal and state level and the great demand for repairs to homes and other infrastructure, there were no monies available from Federal and State Emergency management Agencies to make repairs to Quaker Creek,” said Pillmeier. “I spoke with County Executive Edward Diana and he immediately ‘stepped up to the plate’ and agreed to fund the project.” The Quaker Creek traverses through the towns of Warwick, Goshen and Wawayanda and is an integral part of the county’s natural draining system for the Florida and Pine Island agricultural community. The project is expected to go to bid next month and repairs could be completed by spring.