Pssst - Wanna buy a bridge? No kidding

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:50

    WARWICK-When the village public works crew removed the pedestrian bridge over the creek in Stanley-Deming Park last month to make way for one built by Eagle Scout candidate Evan Rotar, little did anyone know there'd be people interested in buying the old and swayed wooden one. Since the bridge was removed June 16, Mayor Michael Newhard has gotten two inquiries, including one from Jack and Monica Pennings, who offered to pay for the bridge in either cash or produce. Another came from Pam Rodenbaugh and Danny Crandall, who spoke to Newhard about buying the bridge for sentimental reasons. Rodenbaugh grew up in West Milford but was in Warwick just as often, especially at Stanley-Deming. She had her first date on that bridge. Her son, who is now nine, always went to the bridge to play and to catch minnows in the stream. "It has real sentimental value to our family," said Rodenbaugh. "I cried when I saw it was gone." She has the perfect spot for it, too - across the stream that goes through her property on Ball Road. The mayor said he was interested in getting plantings for the area around the new bridge in return for the old one, something both Rodenbaugh and Pennings are in agreement with. Rodenbaugh even said she and Crandall would donate their time to plant the flowers. No dollar amount was discussed. The wooden bridge was removed in one piece by the DPW and moved to the public works barn on a flatbed truck. DPW Supervisor Steve Sisco said the bridge has a little sway in the middle, but is in good shape overall. The bridge itself is about 25 years old, he said, and was refurbished by the DPW about 20 years ago. It's had lots of traffic at the park, which is frequented by little kids on up to teenagers playing basketball and baseball. The village board - a bit surprised by the interest in this bridge - decided that since there are two people interested in the bridge, there may be more. Anyone interested in buying or trading for the bridge should contact Newhard at Village Hall. "We'll open it up to all of the public for bids," said Newhard. "And we're not limited to money."