Overgrown, vacant property to be cleaned

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:59

    WARWICK-The fire happened nearly two and a half years ago and now the overgrown weeds and debris on the property are finally getting cleared away. The village is contracting with Daubert Brothers to clean and haul away the debris that has accumulated on the property at the corner of Sheffield Drive. Residents have come to the board for quite some time, asking that the village do something to correct the eyesore, which they also felt had become a hazard for the many children in the neighborhood. The newly built house was destroyed in May 2003 by fire. No one was home except for the family’s pets. What was left was the paved driveway and the foundation. As the property became overgrown, it also became a dumping ground. Neighbors feared that with the weeds so high and concealing much of the foundation, neighborhood children could get seriously hurt. The property is now in foreclosure. The village notified the owners, Dawn and James K. Martin, to do the work. Getting no response, the village hired Daubert Brothers to do the work and pass on the $300 cost to the owners. Mayor Michael Newhard said he hopes the work will be done by the end of this week.