Orange County Budget notes

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    Highlights of County Executive Edward Diana's proposed budget include: Mandated programs: These account for $334 million. Social services programs alone will cost $179 million. Contingency: The budget includes $2.75 million for unexpected expenses or emergencies. College: The county contribution to Orange County Community College this year will total $12.81 million, an increase of 12 percent over the 2004 budget. Maintenance of roads and bridges: The budget allocates $12.45 million. In addition, the executive's five-year capital plan calls for $2.40 million for construction and major repair of roads and bridges. Public health: The budget for education of handicapped children and early intervention amounts to $25.37 million. Tobacco education is to receive $572,805. West Nile virus eradication will receive $222,943. Sheriff: The department will receive a proposed $13.06 million, a 15 percent increase. The cost of maintaining the county correctional facility in 2005 will be $31.40 million, a 17 percent increase. Municipalities: The county's three cities - Middletown, Port Jervis and Newburgh - will each receive $50,000 in county funding. The budget also includes $100,000 to help municipalities upgrade their master plans. Private non-profits: Orange Land Trust, $100,000; Council on the Arts, $75,000; Municipal Planning Federation, $10,000; Chamber of Commerce Procurement Technical Assistance Center, $25,000; Farmland protection, $50,000; Orange County Partnership, $175,000; Departmental Studies, $70,000; Libraries, $110,000; Interns (students), $40,000 and Promotion of Orange County, $35,000.