One arrested following Warwick High School melee

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:49

    WARWICK-One student was arrested and many more disciplined through the school when a water balloon and food fight broke out Friday, lasting through three lunch periods. According to Warwick Police Chief Thomas McGovern, the 18-year-old male senior, who was charged with disorderly conduct, instituting a riot, and harassment, threw a water balloon at Christine Fox, an assistant principal at the high school. This was the trigger for many others who had water balloons at the ready and began hurling them around the lunchroom. "It certainly seemed that this was planned in advance," said McGovern. "Everyone suddenly had water balloons." But they weren't sure at first if they were indeed water balloons. Rumors circulated that the balloons contained baby oil, urine, or bleach. McGovern said they contained only water. Warwick police sent five officers to the school. An officer from the Sheriff's Department and a state trooper were also dispatched. During the next lunch period, according to the parent of one student, someone flipped the lights and a food fight broke out. Eventually the students were ushered outside and calm restored. This week, said the parent, the kids are allowed to bring their backpacks to school but are not allowed to carry them throughout the school. At press time, calls to the district were not returned to The Warwick Advertiser.