NY troopers: Beware e-mail pretending to be ticket

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:50

    ALBANY — Here’s a warning from state troopers: If you get a speeding ticket by e-mail, just delete it. State Police say an e-mail hoax has been circulating across the country, primarily through Yahoo e-mail accounts. The e-mail pretends to be a Uniform Traffic Ticket from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, issued by the State Police. It contains an attached zip file that supposedly is a copy of the ticket that must be filled out and sent to a town court. Police believe the zip file contains an unknown virus. The State Police computer forensics lab is analyzing it. Troopers say neither they nor motor vehicles sent the e-mail and people who receive it should not open it or the attachment. Police say the e-mail should be deleted.