No snow in the forecast? No problem at Mount Peter Ski Area

| 15 Feb 2012 | 11:21

WARWICK — While local residents may appreciate the fact that there hasn’t been one major snowstorm this winter, skiers and snowboarders have a different view. Snow on the road is a natural advertisement for ski areas and for the most part, that’s the only problem they have. Mt. Peter Ski Area, for example, has enough snow making capability to carry it through the season without any help from Mother Nature. The mountain resort has been open since Dec. 24. Nine trails are currently open with four lifts in operation and the area boasts a machine groomed packed powder surface and a base depth of 12-60 inches. Anyone visiting the area last weekend would not have noticed anything different from previous years. Some may have even enjoyed a brief snowstorm or two if they came close to an active snow gun along the trail. Unlike some of the major ski areas in the West or North, Mt. Peter has 100 per cent snow-making capability and when temperatures are right, snow making crews work around the clock. How it’s done In general and contrary to what some people believe, snow is snow no matter how it is made. Snow-making is simply a process of creating snow by dispersing tiny water particles and air, under pressure, into cold air. This produces a snowflake structure that is similar to natural snow. And by regulating the water content, snow can be deliberately made into covering ranging from light powder to wet base snow. It can also withstand higher temperature before melting. “You may not see snow in your yard, says Marketing Director Carol Fauerbach, “but we have snow here. So, take the day and come and play.” Mt. Peter is open every day and there is also night skiing from Monday through Saturday. Essential information For additional information call the daily recording at 986-4992 or visit: