New state law requires camp directors to report abuse

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:51

    ALBANY — A new law adds directors of children’s overnight or summer day camps to the list of those required to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment to the state. Camp directors were already required to report incidents at their camps, but they could face civil liability for contacting authorities on behalf of a child when it concerns suspected abuse or maltreatment elsewhere. The new law gives them immunity for good-faith reporting of abuse or maltreatment. Mandated reporters, who can face liability for intentionally failing to make a report, include police, doctors, social workers, school officials, psychologists, registered nurses and licensed family therapists. Upstate town clerk quits, cites gay marriage opposition BARKER — A town clerk in upstate New York says she’s resigning over her religious opposition to gay marriage. Laura Fotusky submitted a letter of resignation to the town board in Barker on Monday, saying her religious beliefs prevent her from signing a marriage certificate for a gay couple, as she’d be required to do as a municipal clerk. The letter was published on the website of the Christian lobbying group New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. The 56-year-old Republican has served since 2007. She says she’ll step down on July 21, three days before New York’s law allowing same-sex marriage takes effect