Martial arts school to host bully prevention seminar next Saturday

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:42

    Warwick — United Martial Arts Centers located at the ShopRite Plaza on Route 94 will host a bully prevention seminar at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Oct. 22. Bullying has been a growing problem within schools for years, according to a press release from Edmund Ciarfella, grand master at United Martial Arts Centers, announcing the program. “This has been brought to our attention by the parents that are actually aware of this ongoing problem and want to take action to help prepare their children,” Ciarfella said. Sixity-six percent of New York students say that kids in school are harassed because of their looks or body size. Forty percent of American kids in grades 4-8 have been bullied online, according to a handout from the Monroe-Woodbury Anti-Bullying Committee. Thirty-five percent have been threatened. Essential information The center’s bully proof seminar is designed to educate parents and children about how to prepare themselves on: What is bullying; who does it and why; who is bullied and why; and how to prevent yourself from being bullied. To reserve a spot, contact United Martial Arts Centers at 845-987-1853 For more information: