Logothetis brings quality cultural events

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:52

    To the editor: This summer, Richard Logothetis, owner of the Lycian Centre and Lycian Lighting, treated our community to a free concert series on Thursday evenings on the lawn of the theatre in Sugar Loaf. Mr. Logothetis constructed a gazebo and benches specifically for the series and booked top-notch professional performers from around the region, including a closing show on Aug. 25 by West Point's Jazz Knights. Mr. Logothetis has long been a supporter of the arts in Orange County and has worked to bring fine performing and visual arts to this community. I applaud him for his efforts and encourage the residents of the county to visit the Lycian n for an opera, a play, a children's production or a concert n to take advantage of the quality cultural events Mr. Logothetis offers our community. Patricia Gilchrest, President Orange County Citizens Foundation