Local youngsters unite in Missionettes program to help African kids

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:12

    WARWICK - On Friday nights,young girls (ages 3 to 15) and boys (ages 3 to 4) from the Warwick community gather at Warwick Assembly of God for the Missionettes program. The Missionettes motto is "Missionettes is a way to change the world one girl/boy at a time!" These children are from different ethnic backgrounds, different churches, and some are non-church members. They all come to learn about God and to be mentored by the Missionettes Sponsors as to how they can make a difference in this world because they are all special. The Missionettes program coordinator (newly appointed Hudson Valley Sectional Representative) is Julie Peterson, the wife of Pastor David Peterson from Warwick Assembly of God. Every year the girls collect pennies for the Penny Parade fund. The Penny Parade fund goes to a specific "non-for-profit" fund. This year's fund is for children in Africa who have been afflicted with the AIDS virus. After several of the young girls viewed the video "Cry Africa" they were all told to pray and ask God an amount they should pledge. After being told that nothing is impossible for God, they all prayed and came up with a pledge amount of $10,000. Clearly the Missionettes sponsors were taken aback by such a large pledge because the group is fairly small (approximately 40). The young girls said to their sponsors, "we prayed and we all came up with the same amount. That must be what God wants us to pledge!" Who can argue with that determination and sincerity. Given this large pledge, the sponsors have come up with an exciting fund raising event. The Missionettes will be selling a monopoly-type game, but instead of Atlantic City streets, the game will depict 40 Warwick Valley businesses and organizations. Organizations that have participated in the development of this type of game have found the games to be a treasured keepsake that makes a great gift for family, friends, neighbors and business associates. Local businesses, professionals and organizations will be able to advertise their place of business along with their logo on the game board for players to buy and sell as they play. Members of the game committee will be contacting local business owners to let them know how they can participate. Since there is limited number of game blocks available (40), participation will be limited to a first-come first-serve basis. Businesses wanting to participate can contact the game committee by sending an email to: TheWarwickGame@yahoo.com, as soon as possible. Persons can order games now through June 4. The games will be delivered by late June or early July. The games will cost $25 each and the first 300 patrons who wish to have their name placed around the game board can do so for an additional $5. To have your name placed on the game send an email to the address listed below before June 4th and a game committee member will contact you to arrange the details. Participation will be limited to the first 300 emails received. The Warwick Game committee members are Laura Guddemi, 845-986-6985, Diliana Villamar, 845-783-9836, and Cindy Hall, 845-986-7906. People wishing to purchase the game can place orders with any Missionettes student, any committee member or send an email to TheWarwickGame@yahoo.com to have a committee member contact you. Any student from the Warwick schools interested in the challenge of selling the most games and winning a $50 American Express gift certificate should send an e-mail to the address above.