Wire Choir students perform at Landmark Inn

| 05 Nov 2019 | 12:10

Wire Choir is an unconventional orchestra comprised of students in grade 5-12 in Warwick who play pop, rock and hip-hop music.

The Wire Choir is under the direction of Elissa Maynard, who performs and records professionally as E’lissa Jones.

“They rocked the roof off of the Landmark Inn once again,” said Maynard. “This fund raiser is a one of a kind event where our Wire Choir students perform two hours of live music in surround sound at an amazing brunch provided by Michael DiMartini at the Landmark Inn.”

She added that the performance has become the most talked about fund raiser in the district and each time the tickets sell out within a week.

The next Landmark Inn Brunch is March 15.

- Roger Gavan