When The Warwick Advertiser became a daily

| 05 Sep 2017 | 03:43

WARWICK — Does anyone wonder why the masthead of the Aug. 16, 1967 Warwick Advertiser, which was recently uncovered when the centennial time capsule was opened, reads: ”The Warwick Daily Advertiser?”
At that time, The Advertiser, a weekly published by Ed Klein at 9 Main St. in the Village of Warwick, came out on Thursdays. It was later published on Wednesdays and today on Fridays.
But to celebrate the Village centennial, Klein decided to publish it as a daily newspaper for a full week from Monday, Aug. 14, to Friday, Aug. 18 of that year. And he also printed an additional 2,000 papers on each of those days.
The special Warwick Daily Advertiser, like the weekly, sold for 10 cents per copy and was delivered by mail to village and RFD (Rural Free Delivery) subscribers each day. Other subscribers would receive their daily papers in a single package at the end of the week. And some old-timers may remember that the daily papers were also on newsstands and delivered by newsboys.
The Warwick Advertiser was the largest weekly tabloid in Orange County. And this was the first and only time daily editions were published in the paper’s 101-year history at that time.
- Roger Gavan