Webinar. Sustainable Warwick will host a webinar entitled ‘Recycle Coach’

| 17 Jan 2023 | 06:19

Sustainable Warwick will host a webinar entitled “Recycle Coach - the App, the Website and Better Recycling” on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 6 p.m.

Everyone seems to agree that recycling benefits everyone, but it’s complicated. For the last year, all Orange County residents have had access to up-to-date local recycling information through both the Recycle Coach smartphone app and its related website, RecycleCoach.com.

Within Orange County, several municipalities have layered on further recycling information, including the villages of Highland Falls, Goshen and Warwick and the towns of Woodbury, Cornwall and Warwick.

The purpose of this webinar, which is open to everyone from Orange County, is to encourage people to take advantage of Recycle Coach resources to make recycling easier.

Ermin Siljkovic, Orange County Recycling Coordinator, will describe current recycling issues for our county. Lauren Webb of Recycle Coach will help us access answers for all questions about local recycling from Recycle Coach.

Sustainable Warwick is hosting this webinar in collaboration with the following libraries: Albert Wisner Public Library, Florida Public Library, Greenwood Lake Public Library and Goshen Public Library.

To sign up for the webinar, contact your local library (if it’s on the list above), or send an email to SteeringCommittee@SustainableWarwick.org.