Warwick's American Legion Post 214 conducts flag disposal ceremony

| 17 Jul 2017 | 05:12

— It was a solemn occasion.
On Wednesday evening, July 12, before their regular monthly meeting, members of Warwick's American Legion Post 214 performed one of its most important annual functions, a ceremonial American Flag burning behind their building on Forester Avenue.
The ceremony dates back to 1937According to the American Legion, the most responsible way to destroy your worn, tattered or otherwise damaged American Flag is by burning. And each year a "ceremonial burning" is offered by officers and members of American Legion Post 214.
The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is outlined in Resolution No. 440, passed by the 19th National Convention of the American Legion in New York, Sept. 20-23, 1937. The ceremony has been an integral part of American Legion ritual since then.
2,500 flagsPerhaps due to the installation of a convenient used flag disposal box and a favorable public response, there was a much larger number of flags this year, estimated as approximately 2,500, to be destroyed than usual.
Just over 1,700 had flown over Veterans' graves in the local area from Memorial Day until July 8.
After a brief ceremony and a prayer, the flags were ordered to be destroyed by burning, the proper and most dignified way to dispose of an American Flag that is no longer serviceable.
Local residents who have flags that are in poor condition are invited to leave them in a used flag disposal box built by Legionnaire Joe Lawler and installed outside Post 214 on Forester Avenue. The flags should be placed in a plastic bag or other suitable container.
For additional information, call 986-1290 or email: alegionpost214@warwick.net.
- Roger Gavan