Warwick Valley Humane Society hosts 'Kitten Shower'

| 26 Jun 2017 | 03:02

WARWICK — The Warwick Valley Humane Society hosted a "Kitten Shower" on Sunday, June 18, complete with refreshments, sweets and lots of kittens ranging from tiny to ready for adoption.
The event was held at the Society's animal shelter, 48 Public Works Road, which is just off King's Highway.
Everyone was asked to bring small gifts such as Paté canned food, Q tips, small baking pans, cotton balls, KMR powder, gloves, Equine pine bedding pellets and the like.
"The response exceeded our expectations," said Suzyn Barron, president of the Warwick Valley Humane Society. "And our animal shelter was desperately in need of contributions to help support the current overcrowded conditions."
The shelter has a great selection of pets for adoption and many are waiting for new homes because they were obtained by people with unrealistic expectations of the time, effort, and money required to sustain a lifelong relationship with their pet.
Shelter personnel collect a history of each pet and assess its health and temperament in order to make the best adoption matches possible.
Fees are usually much less than the purchase price of an animal from a pet store or breeder and all pets are vaccinated, de-wormed, and spayed or neutered.
"When you consider the value of all these medical services," said Barron, "someone offering free kittens outside a supermarket, is not saving you money and more important, those kittens are not spayed. And that's at the root of this problem."
For additional information call the Warwick Valley Humane Society Animal Shelter at 986-2473 or visit www.wvhumane.org.
- Roger Gavan