Warwick. The Great Give Back 2021

| 05 Oct 2021 | 04:00

Albert Wisner Public Library will use the day of The Great Give Back (2021) to launch a six-month recycling program.

Beginning Saturday, Oct. 16, community members can bring some of their hard-to-recycle items to the library for collection near the main entrance. This program is being assisted by Ramapo Catskill Library System, Sustainable Warwick, Green Future and SUNY Orange.

Please start saving the following items, then drop them off at the library between Oct. 16 and April 22, 2022 (Earth Day). All items dropped off should be empty, clean and dry.

Oral care products

All brands of used or empty toothpaste tubes and caps; toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging and floss containers. Items collected in this category will be given to SUNY Orange to add to the college’s ongoing TerraCycle* collection program, which helps support SUNY Orange student programs.

Shaving products

All brands of blades and razors including system units, disposable units, replaceable-blade cartridge units, and the rigid or flexible plastic packaging they come in. Items collected in this category will be sent to TerraCycle* to be recycled into new products.

Makeup products

All brands of beauty product and skincare packaging, such as pump caps, hair spray triggers, lipstick cases, eyeliner pencils and mascara tubes. Items collected in this category will be taken to Nordstrom department store to be recycled into new products through its Beautycycle program.

TerraCycle® is a social enterprise on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste. See terracycle.com