Warwick. St. Stephen Parish families participate in live drive-through Stations of the Cross on Good Friday

| 20 Apr 2021 | 08:39

The Stations of the Cross refers to a series of images depicting Jesus on the day of his passion and crucifixion as he carried his cross along the Via Dolorosa to Mount Calvary.

There are a series of 14 stations that the faithful follow and stop at to offer prayers while reflecting on each image.

The devotion, common during Lent and especially on Good Friday, is practiced in Catholic, as well as Anglican, Lutheran and Methodist churches.

The typical stations are small plaques with reliefs or paintings placed inside the church. But on this past Good Friday, 14 families, members of the Church of St. Stephen, the First Martyr, volunteered to dress in First Century AD-style costumes and brave an unseasonably cold day to pose in a live Stations of the Cross in the church parking lot.

More than 50 cars participated and each vehicle was welcomed with a package of religious gifts including special prayers to be said at each station.

- Roger Gavan