Warwick. Seeking volunteers for a new climate justice project

| 14 Jul 2020 | 01:11

Sustainable Warwick is launching a new project aimed at helping low-income New Yorkers save money by taking advantage of an under-utilized program : Solar For All.

“Many of our members have been given tax credits from the state and federal governments for buying our own solar panels,” said Michael Helme, a member of the group’s Steering Committee. “But what about people who can’t afford to buy their own panels?”

Solar For All is a community solar opportunity that low-income New Yorkers automatically qualify for. Who is a low-income New Yorker? It’s essentially anyone who qualifies for food stamps or HEAP.

As long as a low-income New Yorker has an electric bill in their name, they can sign up for Solar-For-All at no cost (and no need to have solar panels installed on their home or apartment).

And they’ll save $10-$15 each month on their electric bill once they are enrolled, Helme said.

“We need volunteers to get a grasp of how this program works and help us reach out to our neighbors in Warwick who qualify for this assistance,” Helme added. “We will meet via Zoom once or twice each month to come up with a game plan and track our success.

“Solar For All is not a complete climate justice program,” he noted, “but it’s a shining example of something we can work on today.:

Please send emails with expressions of interest (or questions) to SteeringCommittee@SustainableWarwick.org.