Warwick school district wins $4,156 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant

| 14 Jun 2017 | 03:56

    WARWICK — The Warwick Valley School District has secured more than $4,000 through the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant.
    This will allow the district to purchase supplies for the new Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Civil Engineering and Architecture course.
    This new course will serve students who have dedicated themselves to excelling in the district’s PLTW continuum of courses, which range from biomedical science and engineering to computer-integrated manufacturing.
    The Civil Engineering and Architecture class will allow high school seniors to apply real-world math, science and engineering practices to create residential and commercial design projects using 3D software.
    The grant funds will help purchase supplies such as a surveyor tool and a digital camera, safety glasses, needle nose pliers and other tools, plus consumables like glue, balsa wood, etc.
    Project Lead The Way is a nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S. The nationally renowned PLTW curriculum focuses on hands-on, real-world learning activities to help students develop in-demand, transferable skills, such as problem-solving, communications and creative thinking.
    “The district has long supported Project Lead The Way courses, to the benefit of Warwick students,” said school board member Dave Eaton. “Project Lead The Way courses and advanced STEM initiatives and activities provide our students with opportunities for success in STEM fields, which continue to be among the fastest-growing employment fields in the nation.”