Warwick Rotary to host ‘The Great Halloween Hunt’

Warwick. COVID-19 prompts a new approach to the enchantment that is Allhallows Eve.

| 13 Oct 2020 | 03:30

Looking for a family friendly, totally fun and socially distanced event?

On Sunday, Oct. 25, the Warwick Valley Rotary will host The Great Halloween Hunt. This is a brand new event to for the Rotary that the service groups hopes has two outcomes:

To provide a safe, family-fun event; and

To offer an opportunity to learn more about Warwick.

This event has two hunt scenarios:

1. A walking hunt to take place in the Village of Warwick (this event is mostly geared toward parents with smaller children); and

2. A driving hunt that will encompass the entire Town of Warwick.

Both hunts will operate on the same principles. Each team will:

1. Go to www.warwickvalleyrotary.org and register their team.

2. On the day of the hunt, each team will be emailed clues for the first location; each clue will describe a small business. The teams will start at different locations to encourage physical distancing.

3. When you arrive at your first location, you will receive a bag with four pieces of information on it: a brief story about the business you arrived at, one letter from the alphabet, clues for your next location and a fun Rotary fact.

4. At each business, you will receive a letter from the alphabet – collect all of the letters and unscramble them to make a phrase; email the phrase to WarwickValleyRotary@gmail.com for confirmation (or a clue if you need help solving it).

Each team that is entered will have a chance to win prizes.

If the participants are unable to solve a clue, there will be two Help Desks available: one at Railroad Green for the Walking Hunt and one at the Pavilion in Memorial Park (that must be only accessed by McFarland Drive) for the Driving Hunt.

Remember to pre-register at www.WarwickValleyRotary.org to reserve your location.