Warwick. Muffins on Wheels

| 23 Feb 2021 | 11:14

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Small Things Inc. provided freshly baked muffins to Warwick’s Meals on Wheels program.

The blueberry crumb muffins, as well as a sugar-free cinnamon swirl option, were provided by local business Crumm Cake Cupcakes.

The donation to Meals on Wheels is part of Small Things’ initiative to share food within the community. The nonprofit, which formed last spring, has gifted hundreds of meals and cupcakes to healthcare professionals and emergency responders throughout the Warwick area, as well as Connecticut, New Jersey and The Bronx.

Small Things then turned its focus to local food insecurity, and gifted over $3,000 to community pantries and programs by year-end 2020. The organization will continue to address hunger in the coming months.

“Small Things Inc. was formed for our neighbors, to raise and distribute funds to benefit our community - and now more than ever we have neighbors in need,” said founder Tracy Gregoire. “As we look forward with hope to the year ahead, we can’t help but recognize that the COVID pandemic continues to rage around us. We can help ensure members of our community have food and necessities to be nourished and comfortable.”

Small Things Inc. is a tax-approved 501(c)(3) charity. To learn more, visit www.smallthingsinc.org, Facebook and Instagram.