Warwick. Humane Society finds lost kitten soon to be available for adoption

| 08 Dec 2020 | 12:26

This is the story of Evan as recently reported by Suzyn Barron, president of the Warwick Valley Humane Society.

For three days, residents of Kings Estates in Warwick heard the cries of a kitten. They tried to find it but couldn’t. And they finally called the Humane Society.

Animal Control Officer (ACO) Joany Schmick responded to the area to see if she could solve the problem.

“The best way to locate a kitten,” said Barron, “is to sound like a kitten and call to it. ACO Joany used kitten sounds on her cell phone and quickly received the little meows in return. She was able to locate the kitten under the hood of a car. Once she lifted the hood, there he sat, waiting to be rescued.”

Back at the shelter, Evan was checked over, de-wormed, had his eyes cleaned and medicated and offered canned food which he proceeded to devour.

When he reached the bottom of the dish he started making squeaky sounds asking for more. Schmick named him Evan for the road he was from.

The kitten is only about five weeks old and will not be available for adoption until mid-January when he will be ready to be neutered.

The Warwick Valley Humane Society receives no funding for cats other than through donations, sponsorships and adoption fees which help to cover food, cleaning supplies, medications, testing, vaccinations and spaying and neutering while cats and kittens are in its care.

Donations to help Evan and the other 70 or more cats and kittens at the Warwick Animal Shelter may be send to PO Box 61, Warwick, NY 10990 and are always greatly appreciated.

- Roger Gavan