Warwick. Grace Brown found the purr-fect way to celebrate turning eight years old

| 31 Oct 2021 | 03:21

Grace Brown of Warwick celebrated her eighth birthday on Sunday, Oct. 31, by giving instead of receiving gifts.

Grace asked for pet food, medical and cleaning supplies and toys for Warwick Valley Humane Society’s homeless pets in lieu of birthday gifts for herself.

Together with her younger brother Brendan and their parents, she delivered all the goodies to the Humane Society’s temporary relocation at 48 Ronald Reagan Boulevard in Merchant Square for the duration of the reconstruction of the animal shelter.

“For such a young person to unselfishly share her birthday as Grace did, is the making of a true compassionate future animal advocate giving us hope for a better future for all animals,” said Suzyn Barron, president of Warwick Valley Humane Society, who tipped off The Warwick Advertiser’s to this gracious act. “Thank you, Grace and family.”