Warwick. Getting down and dirty on International Mud Day at 3 Pines Nature Play Space

| 17 Jul 2023 | 07:39

Whoever thought that getting down and dirty would be such a big attraction for so many young families raising kids in today’s world of electronic gadgets.

Wonderfully, it has been proven that mud play still reigns as a value in many families living in our community. We know this thanks to Melissa Reali, owner of Playing Together Being Together, and Erik Breitenback from Hudson Highland Nature Museum who brought International Mud Day on June 29 to the 3 Pines Nature Play Space at Warwick Valley Community Center.

Just what they had hoped would happen, did. Families from all over Warwick and as far away as Beacon came with their buckets, shovels, mixing bowls, spoons and sticks to experience the fun of mud exploration. How joyous to witness the excitement and squeals of laughter coming from both children and parents.

This wonderful day could not have happened without the generous support of Material Processors Inc., Wadeson’s Home Center, ShopRite, Price Chopper and of Heather Franklin and Amanda O’Rourke for supplying the pools for mud making.

International Mud Day began in 2009. Inspired by educators, children and families across the globe, from Holland to Nepal to the United States, International Mud Day is celebrated each year on June 29. Regardless of age, race and religion, covered in mud, we all look the same.

Submitted by Beverly Braxton, Founder of Family Central NY