Warwick. Friendly Visitor Program update

| 22 Feb 2021 | 03:37

    The weather this winter has been anything but cooperative. It seems every other day there are flakes in the forecast.

    Even though the weather is unreliable, the Warwick Friendly Visitor Program volunteers are available, but a close eye is kept on snow fall predictions and volunteers are kept up to date on road conditions.

    The increase in snow days also means an increase in cancellations of rides by neighbors. In February the Warwick Friendly Visitor Program received about 100 calls resulting in about 60 new appointments and 30 cancelations (more than any other month), most of which were already rescheduled.

    Volunteers covered one hundred percent of the ride requests, which is about 187 events so far this month.

    Neighbors need help more now then ever. If you have just a few hours a week to spare you can help them maintain their independence.

    Training is now being done over Zoom in just 90 minutes from the comfort of you own home.

    The next volunteer training is March 9 and 25. Call 845 341-1173 extension 305. for reservations. Include your name address and phone number.