Warwick. Carol of the Bells at Warwick Grove

| 28 Dec 2020 | 07:39

It’s become a recent global event, with hundreds of thousands participating, to ring bells, at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, just before Santa takes off for his annual journey throughout the world.

And so Warwick Grove residents recently received a flier inviting everyone to come outside and ring a bell for two minutes to spread the Christmas Spirit and help Santa fly his sleigh.

“After a tough year,” it stated, “it will be an amazing memory for children and communities like ours. Let’s ring our bells together, and end 2020 with a bit of magic, hope and togetherness.”

However it was a windy and rainy this past Christmas Eve, but nevertheless, a few dozen residents of Warwick Grove came onto their porches at 6 p.m. to ring bells, wind chimes and even a child’s xylophone.