Want to know the scoop? Just ask Laura and Sammie

Warwick. Superintendent’s Spotlight: Laura Edwards and Samantha Corcoran.

| 29 Mar 2021 | 09:05

It was in third grade, three years ago, that Laura Edwards and Sammie Corcoran met during Leadership Club. Their friendship reached BFF territory the following year when the two were in the same class.

And when quarantine threw a monkey wrench into their fifth grade year, the two stayed in touch and that’s when their creative collaborations really took off.

‘Ring, ring – it was her’

“When quarantine started, my dad was helping me organize some of my friends numbers so we could stay in touch,” said Sammie. “I had just gotten to Laura’s, when exactly five seconds later – ring, ring – it was her!”

During the summer between fifth grade and sixth grade, Laura and Sammie grew closer and had the idea to start a satirical school newspaper called The Scoop.

“We usually write about two or three major topics, and then there’s a monthly throwback topic, a question of the month, an advice column, food critique and a dedications page,” said Sammie. “And, an about the authors page!”

The Scoop

The Scoop looks at topics around the district, as well as what’s going on in Warwick and the world at large. So far, its two issues have featured regular columns and feature stories about current events and trending topics.

Sammie and Laura have written articles about this year’s huge snow storm and the changes to the “typical school day” that everyone’s experienced in 2020-2021.

Sammie and Laura said that the idea for The Scoop actually grew out of boredom. Laura, whose favorite subject has been math since as far back as kindergarten, said that when the quarantine began, she and Sammie were writing things like comics and short stories – the beginnings of what would become The Scoop.

‘Mr. Lizard’s Class’

“We were on the phone one day just trying to think of something to do, and we pulled up a doc and started writing a newspaper,” shrugged Sammie, whose favorite subject has always been ELA and, specifically, writing.

“I enjoy making up stories and playing out scenes in my mind,” she said. “I got my first book when I was two and read it nonstop. About a year later, I learned about Microsoft Pages and started loading up pictures of castles and princesses, and writing a story called Mr. Lizard’s Class. I still have it!”

The girls have a characteristic, good-natured style of humor to their writing that carries through both issues of The Scoop. The pair admit to “kinda forgetting about it” until a few months ago, when Laura said they decided to start writing it again and shared a copy of the first issue with Warwick Valley Middle School Principal Georgianna Diopoulos.

When people laugh

“Sammie and Laura are very funny writers,” Diopoulo said. “The humor and fun of The Scoop is a perfect representation of their bubbly personalities. They don’t even receive a grade or extra credit for this, they just do it for the fun of it.”

Laura and Sammie gave a small preview of the next issue of The Scoop.

“We have a feature planned where we’re going to interview a teacher about how they like distance learning,” said Laura.

Sammie and Laura have fun putting The Scoop together, and that’s what they hope The Scoop gives to people who read it. Laura said that the last issue of The Scoop made all the principals laugh, and that she and Sammie enjoy making people laugh.

“One hundred percent,” agreed Sammie. “We love it when people laugh, and The Scoop totally does that!”

Writers, editors, publishers, comedians and social commentators! Great job, Laura and Sammie. Thank you for the laughs and we look forward to more from The Scoop headquarters.