Vote on Dec. 2

Warwick. Warwick Valley School District presents tax-neutral capital improvement project at public hearing ahead of public vote next week.

| 22 Nov 2021 | 07:14

The Warwick Valley School District hosted a public hearing on its 2021 Capital Improvement Project on Nov. 18. The vote is scheduled for next Thursday, Dec. 2 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The $13.8 million proposal would fund infrastructure improvements at four schools, avoiding the need for emergency repairs in the coming years, creating energy savings and making a healthier and safer environment for students and staff.

Superintendent Dr. David Leach provided an overview of how the district utilizes a tax-neutral strategy to fund its capital projects. The district first prioritizes projects, then pays for them through a strategy that applies a combination of state building aid and its previously voter-approved capital reserve to reduce the impact on local taxpayers.

How will it be paid for

New York State created state building aid to incentivize communities to maintain their schools through the use of district capital reserve funds. Leach said the district will receive approximately 64 cents in state building aid on every dollar spent, accounting for an estimated $8.8 million of the total cost. The remaining $5 million would be drawn from the district’s capital reserve.

“We are committed to prudent, annual budgeting for our annual operations and not creating an additional tax burden for major infrastructure projects,” Leach said. “We utilize a save-then-spend approach that allows us to build up capital reserves over time. We can then maximize state aid for buildings and grounds improvements by spending down those reserves. It is a systematic, proactive, planned approach that keeps our facilities up to par and saves money for our taxpayers.”

The projects

Leach also said the specific projects within the 2021 Capital Improvement Project include a new roof at Sanfordville Elementary School, new windows at Park Avenue Elementary and new unit ventilators at the Middle School and High School. In addition, an expanded multi-sport natural grass athletic field at the stadium, a new track, and block wall outdoor restrooms are among other projects that are planned.


Details of all projects are listed on the district website at