Tribute banners on display to honor local military veterans

Warwick. Street-side poles will display photographs of honorees beginning on May 21, just in time for this year’s Memorial Day parades and celebrations.

| 17 Apr 2023 | 03:02

Downtown Warwick and Florida will take on an additional patriotic flare this summer when banners honoring military veterans will be displayed.

Under the leadership of Warwick Valley Rotarian Joyce Perron, the Military Tribute Pole Banner Project will celebrate local veterans who fought for America’s freedom with 24” by 48” full-color banners displaying photographs of military honorees installed on street-side poles on May 21 - in time for this year’s Memorial Day parades and celebrations. The banners will remain on display for three months, a month longer than in 2022.

Last year, all 88 pole sites in Warwick were sold out. Additional banner locations were approved along Forester Avenue for this year, bringing the available banner recognition total to 121.

Village of Florida officials agreed to join the Military Banner Project this year and will have 90 locations available.

In Warwick the banners will be hung from the front of the Warwick Country Club, down Oakland Avenue through the village past St. Anthony Community Hospital and up Maple Avenue. Thirty-three new sites have been added along Forester Avenue.

Each full-color banner includes the honoree’s photo and military information. The banners can be sponsored by individuals, families or local businesses for $200 ($150 for those renewing last year’s order). The deadline for orders is May 12.

Perron said the project is near and dear to her.

“It motivated me to honor my own father, a 28-year Marine who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, who I lost to Agent Orange complications 20 years ago, but also to honor all the many men and women who have fought for our freedom,” she said.

For additional information or to order a banner, log onto or contact Joyce Perron at joyce.perron or 845-988-7685.

All proceeds will go to charities and local community service organizations supported by the Warwick Valley Rotary Club.