Tree planting week

Warwick. A variety of tree species will be planted, including London Planetree, Tupelo, White Spruce and White Oak, throughout the town.

| 30 Oct 2019 | 08:15

    The Town of Warwick Tree Commission has declared the week of Nov. 4 through 8 “Tree Planting Week.”

    Trees are so important to our community. They produce oxygen, reduce smog and greenhouse gases in our air, help moderate temperatures, provide economic benefits to homeowners and businesses, provide food and shelter to wildlife and people, absorb and filter storm water – all while providing beauty to our environment.

    The Town’s Tree Commission decided to expand its planting efforts to the fall, with a goal of increasing the diversity of trees it plants every year.

    A tree inventory and management plan that was developed for the town by Davey Resource Group in 2018 recommended that the town broaden its tree planting choices, since maples are the predominant tree species in the town.

    Since a diverse community forest is a healthy forest, the commission is working to add variety to the town’s tree plantings.

    The Town of Warwick Parks Superintendent William Roe and his crew will plant trees at the Pine Island Park, in the Village of Greenwood Lake along Windermere Avenue in front of Winstanley Park, at the turnaround on Shadow Drive and in Airport Park.

    A variety of tree species will be planted, including London Planetree, Tupelo, White Spruce and White Oak.

    The Town Tree Commission is also working with the Village of Warwick’s Tree Commissioner Rob Scheuermann to encourage tree planting during the first week in November.

    The village intends to plant trees along its main street corridor, Maple Avenue/Main Street/Oakland Avenue during this time, replacing trees that were removed and filling in the gaps in the tree canopy.

    Fall is the ideal time to plant trees. Dormant trees will establish roots over the winter months so that once spring’s warm weather arrives, trees are then ready to focus their growth above ground.

    If you would like information on tree species or planting tips, you can call Karen Emmerich at 986-0151 and she or another tree commissioner will provide you with the information you need.