Superintendent’s Spotlight: T.J. Brown, Sanfordville Elementary School

Warwick. The fourth-grader 'who is always willing to help out' says 'It’s about reaching my goals.'

| 07 Jan 2020 | 02:38

Fourth-grade student Timothy (T.J.) Brown is truly a role model to his peers when it comes to demonstrating respect, empathy and positive behavior.

As part of his Cub Scouts project, T.J. is currently working on a cooking activity where he gets to make a delicious meal for parents.

“We are going to make chicken and vegetables and put together a nice dinner that I can make myself," the chef-in waiting "I will make it really nice.”

Besides learning a valuable skill like putting together a meal, T.J. also shared that Cub Scouts is a great organization for many reasons.

“I like Cub Scouts because you get to do lots of activities and it is fun to just hang out with my friends there," T.J. said. "I also get to work toward earning patches for different achievements and accomplishments. It’s about reaching my goals.”

Not only does T.J. lend a helping hand in organizations like Cub Scouts, he is also a great role model at Sanfordville Elementary School where he is always helpful in class, modeling good behavior to those around him.

“T.J. always has a smile on his face and is willing to help out," said Principal Johnna Maraia. "He demonstrates P.A.W.S. behavior consistently! He is active in Boy Scouts, so kind, respectful and focused in class.

"He is a student that goes out of his way to be helpful to all of his teachers," his principal added.

Finally, at home, T.J. is also kind and helpful to his brother, Conner.

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