Stage and Nathans celebrates major anniversaries

| 24 Oct 2017 | 02:02

— In 1897, Lewis J. Stage became an attorney, licensed in New York State.
He hung out his shingle in Warwick. And that was the beginning of a family tradition.
In 1917, his son Lawrence Stage became an attorney and in 1951, Lawrence's son Douglas also practiced law.
Four years later Richard Stage, Douglas' brother, became an attorney followed by his niece Rebecca Stage being admitted to the bar in 1976.
And in 1982, her brother Douglas R. Stage followed in their footsteps when he also became an attorney.
This year marks 120 years of one family practicing law in Warwick.
Then in 1967, Lawrence Stage, Douglas Stage and Richard Stage erected a new office building at 23 West St. And 20 years later Douglas R. Stage and William Nathans became law partners.
On Thursday, Oct. 12, state, county and local officials along with members of the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce joined Douglas R. Stage and William Nathans for a ribbon-cutting celebrating the 50th anniversary of the office building, the 30th anniversary of the Stage & Nathans partnership and the 120th anniversary of the long line of Stage family attorneys practicing law in the Village of Warwick.
It was a celebration, not only of history, but of the future as Douglas R. Stage's daughter Catherine, who is planning on going to law school, also serves as a paralegal for the Stage & Nathans law firm.
Approximately 125 people attended the celebration and enjoyed food and refreshments served under a huge tent.
"The weather cooperated beautifully and our office is very grateful for all those who came to the event," said Doug Stage.
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- Roger Gavan