Send a letter to the future via Warwick's time capsule that will be opened 50 years from now

| 19 Jul 2017 | 02:35

WARWICK — All Town of Warwick residents are invited to write a letter to the future or loved one that will be placed in the new time capsule that will be opened in 2067.
While members of the Village of Warwick Sesquicentennial committee is getting ready to unearth the time capsule that was buried in 1967, they are collecting items to place in the new time capsule.
Residents are encouraged to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Letters can be a declaration to the future or addressed to a family member, loved one or even a secret crush. They also may include a photo or drawing.
Letters and photos should be placed in a #10 envelope which measures 4 1/8" by 9 1/2".
Sealed envelopes can be dropped off at the following locations in Warwick:
Village Hall, 77 Main St.;
Frazzleberries, 24 Main St.;
Newhards, 39 Main St.;
Etched in Time, 58 Main St.; Caffe A La Mode, 1 Oakland Ave.;
Ye Olde Warwick Book Shoppe, 31 Main St.; and
The Albert Wisner Public Library, 1 McFarland Drive.
For more information, call 986-2031 or send an email to