School boards now accepting BOE applications

Warwick. Applications must be turned in by April 22.

| 03 Apr 2024 | 10:23

Each school district within Warwick will be holding its Board of Education elections on May 21, along with the budget vote, but the deadline to turn in candidate petitions is fast approaching. Petitions to run for a seat on the school board are available through each school’s district office during regular business hours. Petitions are due back to each district by Monday, April 22, before 5 p.m.

The number of signatures needed to become a candidate depends on your school district. Typically, candidate petitions require the signatures of a least 25 qualified district voters, or 2% of the number of those who voted in the previous annual election, whichever number is greater.

Warwick BOE

Those looking to run for a seat on the Warwick Valley Central School District Board of Education need at least 71 signatures from qualified voters who reside in the district (district resident, US citizen, 18 and older). This year there are three board members whose terms expire at the end of June: Sharon Davis, William Fanos, and Lynn Lillian. For further information, contact District Clerk Susan Laroe at 845-987-3000, ext. 10511.

Greenwood Lake BOE

The Greenwood Lake Union Free School District Board of Education also has three board members whose terms expire at the end of June: Michael Emsworth, Patricia Kaminski, and Jonathan Thurber. Anyone looking to run for either of those seats must get at least 25 signatures from qualified district voters. For more information, contact District Clerk Mary Depietro at 845-782-8678, or

Florida BOE

The Florida Union Free School District requires petitioners to have at least 25 signatures from eligible voters as well. This year there are two board members whose terms are up: Robert Scheuermann, who currently serves as the board vice president, and John Redman. For more information, contact District Clerk Helen Arena at 845-651-3095, ext. 40011.

Candidate eligibility

Each candidate or member of the Board of Education shall:

Be at least 18 years of age

Be able to read and write English

Be a U.S. citizen

Be a qualified voter of the district

Be a resident of the school district for at least one year prior to the election

Not be an employee of the school district

Not hold office if a member of his/her family is a member of the Board.

Not simultaneously hold another incompatible office (e.g., town supervisor)

Not have been removed from a school district office within one year of election.