Rushmore Estate: a historic treasure in the Hudson Valley

Highland Mills. Now offering weddings, private events and stays, owner Seth Pulver hopes to expand Rushmore Estate into a destination boutique B&B and wedding venue.

| 15 Sep 2021 | 12:18

When kids leave the nest, most parents buy a dog, a house or maybe even that boat they’ve always talked about.

Seth Pulver, on the other hand, created a boutique hotel experience in the middle of Highland Mills.

“I’m all about old things,” said Pulver.

He’s not kidding. Before buying the Rushmore Estate in 2001, Pulver lived on an old farmhouse in Central Valley associated with the Wells Fargo family.

Fast forward a couple years, and the house is no more - just a pile of land with some outbuildings to spare.


“That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid here (at Rushmore),” he said. “To preserve and to restore these old gems.”

The Spanish Colonial estate, affiliated with Charles E. Rushmore (of Mt. Rushmore’s namesake) sits on 50 acres of land, including a mansion hosting four bedrooms, a ballroom and a gazebo sitting not far from the building. The home saw all four of Pulver’s children grow up.

“When my kids left for college and I considered selling the estate,” he added. “It drove them absolutely crazy.”

Still discovering old details and artifacts

So Pulver got to work instead. A practicing endodontist, he spent all of his free-time restoring Rushmore into a luxury boutique B&B experience in the middle of the Hudson Valley.

“I got lucky enough to afford a place like this and I appreciate everything about it,” Pulver said. “I’ve lived here for 20 years, and I’m still discovering old details and artifacts.”

He enlisted a team of helpers to get Rushmore up and started, one being one of his close friends, Russell Cohen. “We met through our kids who went to school together,” said Cohen.

‘The property is undeniable’

Now, serving as a general manager of the estate, Cohen helps manage the estate with Pulver, along with a few other workers.

“We slowly and organically started to get the word out around five years ago. Before you knew it, it’s been spiraling upwards ever since,” said Cohen. “The property is undeniable. As soon as people get through the gates, eyes start popping.”

Now offering weddings, private events and stays, Pulver hopes to expand Rushmore Estate into a destination boutique B&B and wedding venue. The price for a one-night stay ranges from $600 to $700, according to the venue’s website.

“I’ve always felt, since I moved in, that it should be enjoyed by more than one person other than myself,” said Pulver.


Rushmore Estate is located on Castleton Drive, off Ridge Road in Highland Mills. The estate is open for private stays, events, and weddings. Book your stay on their website: