Poll watchers needed

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:34

GOSHEN — The Democratic elections commissioner for Orange County says she's short 40 poll watchers ahead of Election Day.
"I need people who are willing to travel to different towns — wherever the need is. Help!" says Susan Bahren of Chester in a Facebook post.
New York State Election Law has made provision for each political or nominating party to appoint two watchers to monitor the polls on Election Day, which this year falls on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Poll watchers observe elections at polling sites on behalf of a particular candidate, political party, or organization. They report any irregularities they observe to either the elections inspector or the board of elections.
To volunteer, call Bahren at one of the following numbers:
855-331-2444 (for Spanish speakers)
For more information about poll watching in Orange County, visit the Board of Elections page at orangecountygov.com.