Operating logistics being worked out to open an expanded St. John School in Goshen

Goshen. Tuition will be comparable for the three schools that will merge: Sacred Heart, St. Stephen-St. Edward and St. John.

| 27 Jul 2020 | 12:13

Many of the operating logistics for St. John School in Goshen aren’t worked out yet, but for certain, the school will open its doors to students from Monroe’s Sacred Heart School and Warwick’s St. Stephen-St. Edward School.

An announcement on July 9 from the Archdiocese of New York stated that 20 Catholic schools in New York would not open this school year; however, three schools will merge: Sacred Heart, St. Stephen-St. Edward and St. John. St. John School, located at 77 Murray Avenue, was chosen as the host school.

T.J. McCormack, director of Communications and Public Relations for the Archdiocese of New York, released the following information regarding the status of St. John, a Roman Catholic elementary school serving students from Pre-Kindergarten through grade eight:

Student enrollment

It is too early to project the number of students who will attend St. John. (According to the website, the student population at St. John in the past was roughly 152 students; 144 students were enrolled at St. Stephen-St. Edward in 2019-2020; at Sacred Heart, the number was 223 students.)


The number of teachers is uncertain as the “hiring of teachers will be in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement of the teachers’ union.”

Social distancing

Social distancing will be achieved by adhering to the directives of the Catholic Schools Reopening Advisory Council, currently leading the planning process for social distancing by following the advice of experts in the fields of public health and safety, architecture, engineering and education.

“We continue to monitor and follow the guidance and directives of government officials and health experts,” McCormack said.


As for tuition, it “is comparable for all schools involved.” Tuition - $5,975 one child with reduced tuition for more than one child - is set by the Archdiocese.


Transportation from Warwick and Monroe: Students who are within mileage guidelines will be bused from their homes.

For further reference, please go to the following website: http://www.p12.nysed.gov/nonpub/handbookonservices/transportation.html


Why was St. John in Goshen chosen as the merger school? According to McCormack, “St. John was chosen as it is geographically well-suited to serve the needs of many of the families involved.”

Catholic schools have been operating in the Archdiocese of New York for more than two centuries. Currently the school district serves more than 60,000 students in 191 schools throughout the counties and boroughs of New York.

The Archdiocese of New York cites the impact of the coronavirus as the reason for school closures and the merger of three schools in Orange County.

Parents from Sacred Heart and St. Stephen-St. Edward have said they are appealing the Archdiocese’s decision.

Cardinal Dolan: Without assistance from the Federal government, many more of our Catholic schools may have to close
Cardinal Timothy Dolan issued the following statement this week is a letter to all members of the Archdiocese of New York:
The Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused disruption across many aspects of our daily lives, is having an especially profound impact on young people, including those in our Catholic schools, whose education is being altered or interrupted.
The pandemic and resulting economic impact have dramatically reduced the number of parents who can afford to make tuition payments for the upcoming school year. Two weeks ago, I shared the sad news that 20 of our schools, already facing soaring deficits, would not be able to re-open this Fall due to steep declines in enrollment. Without assistance to our parents and children from the Federal government, many more of our Catholic schools may have to close permanently. These closures will harm thousands of students from our archdiocese, and across the nation.
Many of our nation’s elected officials of both parties recognize the crisis that is confronting all schools, including Catholic and other non-government schools. Congress is working on another bill to provide relief from the Covid crisis for critical parts of our economy and society such as our schools. Catholic and other non-government schools must be included in that relief.
The time to make your voices heard is now. If Congress does not provide assistance to our schools within the next few weeks before the school year opens, many parents may find themselves unable to meet even our modest tuition costs, and we will be forced to write you again announcing yet more school closures.
Please contact your elected officials – Senator Chuck Schumer at (202) 224-6542 or (212) 486-4430, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at (202) 224-4451 or (212) 688-6262, and your local Member of Congress (you can find the name and contact info of your Representative here) – and implore them to provide assistance to prevent our Catholic schools from closing permanently.
With gratitude and prayerful best wishes, I am,
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan
Archbishop of New York