Next stop: Erie Railroad memories

| 22 May 2017 | 08:10

CENTRAL VALLEY— Orange County has such a diverse history, due in no small part to its proximity to the railroads which crisscrossed most of the county.
“At one time there were seven major railroads serving Orange County: New York Central, New York Ontario & Western, New Haven, Lehigh & Hudson River, Lehigh and New England, Middletown and Unionville, and, perhaps best known, the Erie Railroad,” according to Alex Prizgintas, who often lectures on local history.
Prizgintas and his partner Dave Lewis recently participated in the "Key, Lock & Lantern Convention” held in Scranton, Pa., with their own display featuring various artifacts from the Erie Railroad they have collected over the past few years.
“One very special feature of the display was the uniform, ticket pass and rule book from Gerhold Wanamaker, an Erie employee who retired in 1970,” Lewis said.
Prizgintas and Lewis are currently collecting and recording stories about the Erie Railroad as told by those who either worked for or are related to those who worked for the Erie.
“We are always interested in meeting individuals with first-hand stories about the history of our region," Prizgintas said, "and some of those who worked for the railroad have some great stories to share.”
If you are a former employee for the Erie (or a relative) and would like to share your story with a young historian, contact Prizgintas at 845-774-9723.