New time capsule now set in place to be opened in 2067

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:37

— On Saturday, Oct. 14, approximately 150 people gathered in Veterans Memorial Park to witness the burying of the Sesquicentennial Time Capsule next to the Firemen's Memorial, where the Centennial Capsule had been removed in August.
That capsule, refurbished to contain an assortment of artifacts, was lowered alongside a new capsule, donated by the Warwick Valley Rotary Club, which contained the "Letters to the Future," submitted by local residents.
A third stainless steel capsule, designed and donated by retired architect David Brandt, will contain memorabilia involving all of the events held during the celebration of the Village of Warwick's 150th anniversary of incorporation or Sesquicentennial.
Those events began and will end this year with the "Apple Drop" on New Year's Eve after which the third time capsule can join the others.
When the Centennial Time Capsule was removed this year a Board of Trustees, youngsters appointed in 1967, was not only in charge of opening the capsule but also responsible for appointing a new young Board of Trustees, which will be responsible for the same tasks in 2067, the year of the Village of Warwick's Bicentennial.
After signing in, or being signed in if they were toddlers, the new trustees posed for a group photograph.
Mayor Michael Newhard welcomed the crowd to the ceremony and described the purpose of each capsule. He praised the Sesquicentennial Committee and reported that preparations for these events had actually began as early as 2015.
Newhard thanked the members of the Time Capsule Committee and introduced its Chairman, retired Warwick Police Department Sgt. George Arnott. And he, in turn, praised Sesquicentennial Events Coordinator Mary Collura and Village Trustee William Lindberg for their support and The Warwick Valley Dispatch and The Warwick Advertiser for their coverage of the 150th anniversary programs throughout the year.
Newhard and Collura then sealed the capsule to be lowered by members of the Village of Warwick Department of Public Works. And the young members of the new Board of Trustees were given ceremonial shovels and an opportunity to help complete the burial of the new time capsules until they also participate in the raising and opening 50 years from now.
- Roger Gavan