Molecules on Main Street

Trees on Main Street, at Albert Wisner Public Library and at Stanley Deming Park have been decorated with representations of the CO2 molecule to raise awareness about the role trees play within the environment.

| 13 Aug 2019 | 02:20

Representations of the carbon dioxide molecule have been hung in the branches of the trees on Main Street in Warwick. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas emission that is causing our global climate emergency.

Trees could help save the planet.

This installation raises awareness of the function that trees perform in the urban landscape to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it, according to the designers.

Recognition of the important role trees play in mitigating climate change is the message of this project, they added.

The designers, Pat Foxx, an artist and activist, and Edith Katz, a landscape architect, educator and writer, have collaborated for the first time on this project.

For the past two years, Foxx has created visual installations on Main Street with a humanistic theme – "Knitting Warwick Together" and "Trees That Speak."