Middletown. Group forms to revive Middletown NAACP chapter

| 13 Jul 2023 | 01:17

A group of Orange County residents has launched a campaign to revive the inactive Middletown chapter of the NAACP, with an expansion to include most of the county south and southwest of Newburgh, which has an active chapter.

The revived chapter would include Middletown, Goshen, Chester, Monroe, Warwick (including its villages), Woodbury, Minisink, Crawford, Mt. Hope, Otisville and Port Jervis. This area has had a substantial increase in people of color who are without a major civil rights and social justice advocate.

Anyone wishing to join the effort or wanting more information should email the organizing committee at ocnaacpmiddletown@gmail.com.

To be successful, the group must collect 50 people who have paid the $30 NAACP annual fee.

You can do this by mailing a check made out to the NAACP noting Middletown Chapter ID#2156 in the memo line, and mailing it or hand-delivering it to Manny Tirado at 76 Murray Ave., Greenwood Lake, NY 10925.

Be sure to include your email address. You will receive an emailed receipt.

Once the group has achieved 50 members, it will apply to the state NAACP for recognition of the revived chapter and a public organizing meeting will be held to choose the renewed chapter’s leadership and set forward a plan of action, in accordance with the rules and goals of the NAACP.

The NAACP is nonpartisan and open to anyone who subscribes to the organization’s goals. Its goals are to help empower under-represented people regardless of race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.