Michael Newhard: Incumbent candidate for Village of Warwick mayor

| 16 Feb 2022 | 10:22

What incident, circumstance or other motivation prompted you to run?

My decision to run was based on a desire to offer a continuity of leadership, experience and the deep relationship I have with my community. The Village has prospered under my watch and that is evident in every sector. Our parks are cleaner, safer, more beautiful and over 17 acres of parkland has been added. New neighborhoods have been built which has brought new housing options and also new residents. Our downtown has expanded in size and number of businesses and is recognized for its vibrancy. We are a place of activity and social gathering and the events that marked our calendar will be returning. It is through connection and vital partnerships with the many organizations that define us and make us strong.

What, specifically and concretely, would be your primary goals to accomplish if you win?

My greatest focus remains our infrastructure. We are in the midst of a major Wastewater Plant upgrade. In drinking water we are replacing Well 3 and the Reservoir Storage Tank, we are beginning the planning of the complete upgrade of our Water Treatment Plant as well as dam remediation and watershed protection. Our street repaving has been aggressive and this will continue. Sidewalks projects this year include South Street between second and third. Our park plans include a revision of the Memorial Park Master Plan and the continued development of the walkway loop around Stanley Deming. The redefined Comprehensive Master Plan will be an important pathway to the future. It is a planning document that directly affects code revision. This document will help prioritize projects and enable us to find funding

What would be your strategy?

This is a significant time with federal and state funding at record levels. We are positioning ourselves to be able to benefit from this. It is critical to have as many projects shovel ready. This is a strategy we’ve historically done successfully and that will continue.