Meet your Conservative Party candidates for State Senate

Monroe. On June 25, registered Conservative voters will get to choose between Dorey Houle and Tim Mitts to represent them on that party line in the general election.

Monroe /
| 19 Jun 2024 | 09:59

The primary election for the Senate District 42 Conservative Party candidate is just around the corner. On June 25, Orange County residents that reside in District 42, which includes everything from Port Jervis to Woodbury and up past Goshen, and who are registered to the Conservative Party will be able to select between two candidates: Dorey Houle and Tim Mitts.

The winning candidate will then go on to represent the Conservative party in the general election, alongside the Republican nominee (Dorey Houle) and the Democrat incumbent (James Skoufis).

Each Conservative candidate was asked a series of questions to help their potential constituents to get to know them better. See their responses below. (Editor’s note: Responses were edited for space.)

Please describe yourself in 25 words or fewer:

Houle: A wife of a retired NYPD officer, mother of five children — I understand the struggles families face [and] the impact pro-criminal laws have on police.

Mitts: Devoted, hard-working, family man who builds trust through transparency in every aspect of life. I will help with my time, energy, knowledge, and resources.

List the key issues you will focus on to serve District 42 residents:

Houle: Restore public safety, reduce the cost of living, protect parental rights, and preserve open space.

Mitts: Preservation, infrastructure, transparency in local government, taxes, and crime.

What background do you have that makes you well equipped to take on this position?

Houle: I am currently elected as councilwoman on the Monroe Town Board and previously served as trustee on the Village of Monroe Board. My responsibilities have included liaison to the Monroe Police Department during the roll out of the criminal justice reforms, which included bail and discovery reforms.

Mitts: [As a business owner] I have dealt with government agencies for taxes, legislation, regulatory and legal issues. For 30+ years I’ve had experience dealing with the public: customers, vendors, tenants, contractors, employees, and investors. I’ve handled infrastructure upgrades on a large scale such as gas, electric, sewer systems, and internet.

What sets you apart from your Conservative opponent?

Houle: Having previously run for NYS Senate District 42, I’ve developed a relationship with both the Orange County Conservative Committee and NYS Conservative Party. As the mother of five children, parishioner of Sacred Heart/St Patrick’s Church, and wife of a retired NYPD officer, my values and focus align with that of the Conservative Party. I understand the variety of challenges each town faces, from development to the needs of farmers.

Mitts: I preserve our community by advocating to protect our land, resources, historic building structures and wildlife. Further, I complete my commitments, projects, and promises. My opponent abandoned her term as Monroe Village Trustee and her constituents to fulfill her aspirations for a town board seat. Similarly, she has again decided to abandon her town board seat, and her constituents, by again pursuing her ambitions for a NYS Senate seat.

Why are you are running for this seat?

Houle: Orange County’s economic prosperity continues to grow in spite of our current state senator’s efforts to thwart that growth through legislation. Our families are moving out of the state in search of safer and more affordable communities. I refuse to be chased out of my home by Albany politicians who no longer represent our values and needs. We need a leader who will fight for our first responders, restore public safety, and support our local businesses. Let’s get New York moving in the right direction!

Mitts: I’m running for the 42nd District Senate seat to ensure that the government does not continue to violate your constitutional rights. I’m tired of the lack of transparency of my opponent. Her governing style is surreptitious and leaves one wondering if she is listening to her constituents at all. In sharp contrast to my opponent’s divisive campaign and rhetoric, my message is unifying and inclusive. I believe our community should benefit from government policies, not just a few privileged supporters inside my opponent’s inner circle.