Matthew Sullivan: Candidate for Village of Warwick mayor

| 16 Feb 2022 | 09:28

What incident, circumstance or other motivation prompted you to run?

What prompted me to run for the office of mayor in our village was a sense of duty for my community. I have been dissatisfied with the management of the Village for many years; constantly reminded of it during my evening hike down our challenging South Street sidewalks. When I saw that the two people running for office were our 20-year mayor and a 12-year trustee, I thought enough is enough. It is my responsibility and not someone else’s. If not me, who?

What, specifically and concretely, would be your primary goals to accomplish if you win?

My primary goal is to bring the Village to an even keel regarding the crumbling structures and systems. There is no reason the quality of our infrastructure, not always easily seen, cannot be consistent with the wonderful reputation of Main Street. Another goal for the Village is to bring a new kind of government; one open and accountable to the residents.

What experience, education or other factor gives you the ability to be skillful in this office and accomplish your goals?

I have over 30 years in banking and financing. I have spent many years in customer service, management and sales, executing complex procedures and regulations while achieving financial goals. My business has always been goal-focused and I know what it takes to cut through the noise and find creative solutions, while forming consensus with leaders and stakeholders to achieve goals.

What would be your strategy?

We will do a thorough forensic examination of the books and status of the systems in the Village. We will completely open the government to the scrutiny and participation of the residents using technology. To promote progress and ideas, we will hold periodic, open public meetings on the state of every critical system in the Village including sidewalks, street safety, sewer pipe network, sewage treatment plant, water system, status of seniors, finances, ease of doing business, historical landmarks, Village employment, crime, and projects. We’ll bring in new revenue sources, surgically cut expenses, help businesses grow and pursue grants.